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Is the bird singing for me?

Swallowed up in the tree?

When my inner self is falling apart?

I do not know the answer to that.

I’m not human anymore.

I don’t belong in this realm.

I have nothing else to learn.

Nothing left to give.

It has all been taken from me.

Someone give that man a sword.

And tell him to strike me with it.

I want to see my blood on the blade.

Laugh at my exit to the next fallacy.

Maybe love will meet me there.

Without conditions.

Without expectations.

Maybe the birds and the butterflies,

Will greet their sister.

Or you, my little one.

The one I gave away.

I want to hold you.

They destroyed us.

I said good-bye to you,

As my eyes were forced shut.

For the promise of a blue bird.

I traded your innocence,

For a water and sunshine.

Take me back.

Give me another chance.

I will be your mother again.

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