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Playing with truffles

My next podcast interview is with author Dick Khan, who documented his DMT experience. In the spirit of reaching into the unknown, I had a few truffles a few weeks ago. This description is my honest account of the experience. I live in a part of the world where the fairies play. But what transgressed…
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5 Tools for Spiritual Survival

For centuries, our ancestors have had the trees, the birds, the quietness of the planet to feed their spiritual hunger. The pagans may have lived short lives, but they lived. The Native Americans knew the preciousness of each minute. They looked at the stars, really looked at them and understood that they are a part…
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Le Petit Mort ayahuasca medicine shaman peru meditation lsd psychedelics mushrooms magic

Le Petit Mort

I am flying. I am flying through time and space. I am flying through colors and void of colors. I am inside myself. I am the universe. What a revelation. There is too much. There is too much sensation for my human form. I feel the colors. I hear sounds that are beyond my senses.…
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Healing with Natural Alternatives From Ayurvedic to Hemp

Our ancestors spent thousands of years as healers, using natural medicines to cure. Society has veered away from that thanks to the government, big pharma and the media. I spent last weekend healing my body and mind with powerful Peruvian tea called ayahuasca. This plant has been used by the indigenous for thousands of years…
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