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Healing with Natural Alternatives From Ayurvedic to Hemp

Our ancestors spent thousands of years as healers, using natural medicines to cure. Society has veered away from that thanks to the government, big pharma and the media.

I spent last weekend healing my body and mind with powerful Peruvian tea called ayahuasca. This plant has been used by the indigenous for thousands of years to help them survive in the jungle. Because our ancestors were spiritually connected to the earth, they knew exactly what plants to extract and how to prepare them.

I will certainly write about my latest ayahuasca journey in my next post, but I first want to share some of the important lessons I learned. You don’t have to go to the jungles of Peru to heal your body, to take care of your mind and to find your purpose in life. It simply starts with what you consume. What do you put in your body? Processed foods? The sad fact is that even healthy foods bought at popular grocery stores lack nutrients (because soil is depleted of them due to mass farming).

Because I strongly believe in the power of natural healing, I teamed up with a company who gets it, HB Natural. And these natural products are a good start to helping with issues such as fatigue, sickness, weight problems and mental health.

1. Hemp Oil

I recently had a conversation with my mother who told me about my grandmothers in Mexico who were considered curanderas, or healers. They used natural plants, such as hemp, to make oils for healing aches and pains. Today, these oils are making a huge comeback and proving that this age old medicine works.

HempHerbals is a shop that offers organically grown hemp oil. Made in the USA, these oils are natural, safe and FDA approved. Some benefits of hemp oil and other hemp products include hormone balance, helps boost the immune system and helps diabetics moderate sugar levels.

2. Minerals

Our bodies do not produce minerals naturally. We must consume good foods or take supplements to get these minerals in our bodies. Why are minerals important? They help regulate daily processes, such as digestive system, metabolism and the cardiovascular system. According to the USDA, we are not getting enough nutrients and minerals in our bodies.

I try my best to eat healthy meat, fruit and vegetables, but that sometimes is not enough. I also take supplements like bioMinerals and it really makes a difference. In a week of healthy diet, exercise and these minerals, I felt the mental fog lifted and my energy level went up.

3. Plant Based Medicine

Whether you are on a plant based diet, paleo, keto or just simply cutting out processed foods, there are additional supplements you can take that help where diet fails. The sad truth is that the food we consume lacks the nutrients of generations past. Because of mass farming, the soil lacks these essential ingredients that we need, especially in America.

Here is a quick anecdote. I spent a year overseas (in Ireland) where the EU regulations are strict on farming and the food sold in markets. Because of the nutrient rich diet, I lost 30 lbs. and was extremely healthy. Unfortunately, I came back to the US and was sick for almost a month. The shocking fact is that I stayed with a healthy diet of lean meats, fruits and veggies. But it didn’t matter. My body was rejecting the toxins.

That’s why supplements can help.  You’ll see the difference in about a week. If you are tired of feeling tired, if your body craves the nutrients it hasn’t been receiving, give it a try. Make a decision to dump all the processed junk in your pantry and start making the right choices.

4. Super Foods

We are connected to the earth, to the plants and the animals. We should be grateful for what Mother Earth gives us. I know that ever since I became awake, I focus on keeping the positive energy and high vibrations in my life. I know that a poor diet will void any good attempts to keep my mind strong.

New studies are coming out every day about the benefits of super foods. These super foods are the bright reds, the vibrant greens, the healthy orange, the majestic blues that announce their potency.

Apart from making sure my grocery basket is full of good super foods (I like going to Sprouts), I also discovered these natural powdered drinks that contain fantastic ingredients like Ayurvedic that help boost your mental health.

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