Newish, Podcast, December 30, 2020

Solphia Podcast: Eps. 2, part 2 – Ethan Gutmann


On the 18th July 2017, there was a round-table discussion at Westminster Abbey, London, England. The topic was organ harvesting in China.

The crimes against humanity that were described at this forum, were almost impossible to believe, as I myself did not have the imagination before to think that this level of evil exits. As a journalist, my instinct is to be skeptical. And I invite you to listen and decide for yourself.

The world is changing. We live in modern times. Enslaved by technology. Floating away from what it is to be human.

I digress. Because I want you to listen and think and decide for yourself your own fate. I can only give you the information.

In this clip, you’ll hear the Nobel peace prize-nominated writer, Ethan Gutmann, who went to the People’s Republic of China to investigate organ harvesting. He thought maybe it was an exaggerated tale. But what he found was more horrifying.


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