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Once upon a time in green

Planted in the dirt are the shards of all the things we were
A swirl of concrete and magic
A whisper of foul dreams
Skin that is yours was once mine
I sit and cannot be still
Thinking about the things that happened
Between us and through us
I stepped in my own shoes
And I didn’t like it
Searching for things in religion and philosophy
Nothing and everything rings true
I’m too selfish to be enlightened
Too compassionate to be condemned
I wear a transparent mask
And yet, you see nothing
I don’t recognize the goddess
I don’t remember the invalid
If you’re not here what am I?
If I’m alone, do I exist?
They will say I was a fool?
And they will say I saved their lives
Back to us, my friend
What was once alive is dull
And I can’t remember anymore
The us
You love us
I love us
But do they?
They tear us apart
My spirit and my resilience 
Testing your eyes
All the pretty flowers that pass you
And I can tell you’re anxious for a sniff
How long will it be
Before you pluck their petals?
If you wander to that other path
That tramples my soul
I will forgive
I did before
But it is a little bird
Eating the breadcrumbs
Of my sanity

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