Newish, Podcast, February 7, 2021

Solphia Podcast: Eps. 3 – ‘DMT & My Occult Mind’ author Dick Khan


dick khan
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Dimethyltryptamine, also known as DMT, is a fascinating mystery. A chemical substance that has been known to make one see the universe, some even say, God. It is found in various plants and animals, including humans. Indigenous tribes around the world, use these plant medicines in ceremony, including Matses in Peru, with the brew called ayahuasca.

In this episode, I interview author Dick Khan, and we talk about his experience with DMT, which is also the subject of his book, DMT & My Occult Mind. He documented his personal research with DMT, spending a year investigating by using himself as the test subject.

Please enjoy this interview with Graham Hancock’s author of the month, Dick Khan.

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