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Le Petit Mort

I am flying. I am flying through time and space. I am flying through colors and void of colors. I am inside myself. I am the universe. What a revelation. There is too much. There is too much sensation for my human form. I feel the colors. I hear sounds that are beyond my senses. It’s not even sound. It’s unity. I’m washed with the vibrations of the earth and the ancestors. They’re all dancing over me. I can feel their smiles. They tease me. They invite me to play. But I don’t want to play. I have questions. 

Mother. I am in your womb. I feel the love that is beyond love. Love is a small word. I hear Mother. Not my human mother, but the Mother of all creation. I enter a garden. The birds are not like the birds we see here, constricted by the shell. These birds are supernatural beings. The songs of a thousand souls. How little we know. What have we done to each other? What have we done to ourselves? We have gotten away from the reality of our journey. 

It was the spring of 2017 somewhere west of Fort Worth, Texas. I died that day. I buried my old self in the forest under the blink of a trillion stars. They came to my funeral. They joined hands as I spent that night in Mother’s womb. She had a lot to say, but I knew. I knew all of it. She was just jogging my memory. She made me face myself. She made me confront the scariest monster of all…me. But I’m not a monster. I am a fetus. I had no knowledge. It was stored in my DNA but I couldn’t find it, until I did.

And then, a miracle happened. After a night of traveling, I was spat out of the womb. That little death put me in my place. You are here, reading this for a reason. Do not take this encounter lightly. It is our responsibility to ourselves, our ancestors and Mother to spread the message. It’s a secret I will reveal to you, that’s not a secret at all. You carry it with you. You are the light. 

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