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5 Corona Antivirus Videos To Consider

3. Gut Instincts

Let’s get back to one. That is something a director says when resetting a scene. And I want to take you back to one. To the fundamental human experience called the ‘gut instinct.’ All the successful people I know listen to that radar that has allowed them to grow. I’m not just talking about economic success. I’m talking about spiritual and simply, not just thriving or surviving, but living. Actual living. Awake living. So I saw this video, ‘7 Gut Instincts You Should Not Ignore,’ and in these confusing and stillborn times, we must always remember to listen to our gut.

4. Behold a Pale Horse

If you land here, in this moment, in this space, take it as a sign. Your hunger for knowledge will be rewarded. If you are here, you are evolving. I first heard of this book a few weeks ago, and I’m troubled that I didn’t know about it before. It’s called ‘Behold a Pale Horse‘ by William Cooper. You see, William Cooper is dead. He was murdered because he knew too much and said what they don’t want you to know. This is perhaps the most comprehensive book about the Shadow Government and their intentions, including the ‘silent weapons’ that are used on us. I highly recommend reading the book, which can be found for free or on audio at Hour of the Time. Do not buy the current version, as it is heavily edited and many of Coopers findings have been deleted.

5. The Coronavirus Conspiracy

Take him with a grain of salt, or open your mind to the message. David Icke has spoken to the ones who will listen for 30 years. He landed on my radar, maybe 10 years ago. And back then I thought he was just some lunatic raving about lizard people and the Illuminati. But….I have had experiences and have talked to people who are well in the know that have validated these ideas. I can never reveal their names, but that stark truth dismembered my former self and the beliefs of my sleep state have died in this lifetime. Unfortunately, two things…this David Icke video was banned on YouTube. It’s posted on London Real to watch for free, though you will have to subscribe. Part of me, the whole banning on YouTube thing, makes me think this is a marketing move. But all is fair and love in war.

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