Dull Poetry, Newish, Podcast, November 20, 2018

Sophia, God and the Oneness


I want to heal
I want my ancestors to visit me before I fall in my grave
Their smiling faces
Their knowing faces
Some look Vietnamese 
Where did they come from?
The colors swirl connected to magnets in the sky
The sacred geometry dancing by the custard moon

Let’s reconcile
Let’s tear a hole in the britches of divinity
I smell the incense that cleanse the patches of earth that belong to us
I don’t want to fade
I don’t want to be less than a shadow
I want them to see me
I bleed for them
All of them
A thousand journeys and a thousand more
Until I get it right
Until my soul is at ease

The crickets, the frogs, the breeze that is my father
The distant thunder knocking in the sky
A whistle of a bird that does not have a name
I know this, do not be afraid
I only fear myself 
And where do I leave her behind?
I fail if I don’t fail
I succeed if I accept
I take too many steps
And sometimes not enough

They are here now
In the trees
I see their faces
The divinity of the spaces between
It is a resting place
I am face down on the dried leaves
My fingers caress the damp earth
I don’t know where it starts and where I end
There is no end
Only the eternal loop
Back to the sky
And fall to the dirt
Sophia and God and the Oneness
Close your eyes
So you can see

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