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David Bowie

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The rain soaks through my pores,
And covers my bones,
I am lost in this town,
That's all I know.

He steps out from the shadows,
With the perfectly coiffed hair,
And the cat eyes,
What an elegant affair.

That sexy leather jacket,
That looks like James Dean,
I am taken aback,
By the magic within.

Not a connection,
Not love at first sight,
I'm just taken away,
By the loneliness of the night.

Pub life is for friends,
For people you know,
Or strangers who yearn,
It's a story, not a show.

He buys me a pint,
Doesn't bother to charm me,
He looks bored and unafraid,
He is the ship, I am the sea.

And the next moment in his car,
Driving away from the city,
Not going too far,
He's not you, what a pity.

I kiss him, un-enthused, 
Who does he look like?
With a warm cold smile?
David Bowie, the enigma,
I'll take this for a while.
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