A conversation with Solphia

Wisdom of the Universe

A conversation with Solphia

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Solphia podcast featuring interviews to harness the wisdom of the universe.
(Music by Alexander Nakarada)

Hello. I hope you are all well today and living your best life. I know that may be hard to do in these times. But don’t give up hope. We must keep our vibrations high. 
How do we do that? Well, that’s why I am here and have created this podcast. You have heard my ramblings and poetry. But I am adding a new element, a conversation that will spark a light in us. That is what I am hoping for anyway. 

My name is Liz, but when I am writing and when I am connected to you, I am Solphia, harnessing wisdom from the universe. I don’t pretend to know the answers. In fact, when I research a query, I seem to find that I don’t know anything at all. The rabbit holes are deep and mysterious. But at least I can use all the human training I have had throughout my life. I was a journalist for over 15 years and they consider me an expert in my field. I have had an incredible journey in hard news and entertainment news, interviewing fascinating people. 

But I want to focus on talking to people who are going through their own spiritual journeys.  After my dad passed away in 2015, I started to question my purpose here. I think they call it the mid-life crisis. And an extraordinary thing happened. People started coming into my life dropping little hints. One of the first was a high school friend who encouraged me to read the Nag Hammadi. I plan to interview him. I’ve also done Ayahuasca, as some of you may have gathered from my writings. I have a friend who did a wonderful documentary on Peru and why that is such a sacred and special place. 

So many things I want to explore with you. We can uncover the mysteries together, or simply learn how to read the signs. 
If you would like to be on the show and share your knowledge, please visit the site, Sophia.com for contact information. 

You can also follow me on Twitter at realSolphia 
Thank you for listening and visiting my site. 

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