As a seeker of wisdom, sometimes I fall down a YouTube rabbit hole. When I was a kid in the 80s and 90s, I had to rely on hours of library research to gather information about history, religion and science. There was no digital collective information. Our brains had to work harder. Now I can just Google shit…not ‘shit’, don’t Google that, and the information I need appears on the screen. Sometimes, if you’re careful and creative, you can visit the Tor for the juicy stuff (some of you may know this as the ‘dark web’).

I digress. There are plenty of garbage videos. But once in a while, you hit a gem. This list are the videos that changed my life at different times of my life. Let me know what you think in the comments, or feel free to include a link of your own life-changing video.

1. Sacred Geometry

Before you walk away thinking this is some lame attempt to get you to watch a math video, what if I told you the secrets to the universe are revealed in this thing called sacred geometry? No? Okay, well this video I discovered last year, posted by Spirit Science, is a detailed and thorough look at sacred geometry. It’s almost two hours long and it took me about a week to see the whole thing, because I kept stopping the video to investigate other topics that popped up. That’s the only down side. There is a lot of information packed in this video.

2. Truth Stream Media

My boyfriend and I stumbled on this channel called Truth Stream Media and we log on every week to see if there is a new video. Now there are a lot of kooks out there and plenty of misinformation. But this young married couple from Texas does incredible research. They talk about everything from government conspiracies to smart meters. They bring to light documents that were obviously difficult to obtain. The husband studied journalism at UT and goes as far as doing the laborious paperwork to solidify the claims they make. It’s public information. But anyone who has studied journalism know, the most difficult information to pry out of the U.S. government’s cold dead hands is public information. Most documents are not easy to find online, so journalists have to go through the process of requesting it.

Some of the videos are kind of creepy. This one is about the mysterious Georgia Guidestones. Who put them there? What is the significance? Why that location? It may seem like an insignificant structure, but it opens the door to other questions about monuments around the country. I also recommend watching the video about the smart vs. analog meters.

3. Terence McKenna

One of the sages of new age spiritualism and psychedelics champion was ethnobotanist  Terence McKenna. Like many of us searching for the truth beyond our five senses, McKenna was curious about the world around him. He had a deep interest in nature and psychology. In fact, he sited the great Carl Jung in many of his talks. 

Perhaps McKenna’s greatest contributions were his exploration and deep study of psychedelic plant medicine, DMT and their relationship to the true self and the great beyond. He was extremely controversial as many dismissed him as a apologist for drug use. 

I highly recommend listening to his lectures. Many can be found on Youtube. Here is a good one to start. I think, therefore I am. 

4. The Great Water Experiment

Water is the most important substance on our planet. We take it for granted, especially in the developed countries. It is the life source. Without it, we become dust and meld back into the earth. 

No one knew the significance of water more than Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist who proved that water is not only alive, it is also conscious. He proved that water responds to positive and negative energy, including the energy that emanates from humans. 

If you love the water, the water will respond by forming beautiful, perfectly symmetrical crystals. But if you emote negative energy such as hate, the water will only give you deformed creations. This documentary got me to think about what negative energy and hate does to our own bodies. 

No surprise that Dr. Emoto was also a controversial human.


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